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BEHIND THE SUN, a novel in progress, by Jules Lind

In 1942 San Francisco, Lucy Loy receives a message from her childhood sweetheart M. that he is not missing in action, but on a secret mission, and he needs her help. Thrown into the social chaos of WWII, Lucy ends up helping to save an ancient Greek statue, The Eyes of the Sun, from the Nazis, but in the process she is accused of being a murderer and a spy. On a quest to prove her innocence, Lucy learns about an unbelievable horror. She is determined to warn the world, but how do you convince the press and the public of the unbelievable?

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Special thanks to Eddie Muller and Melinda Stone whose fantastic Left in the Dark chapters partly inspired some of the movie house scenes.


LEFT IN THE DARK: Portraits of San Francisco Movie Theatres celebrates twentieth-century movie theatres and moviegoing through lush full-color fine art photographs and personal essays with both scholarly and literary appeal.

Edited by Julie Lindow
Photographs by R.A. McBride
Literary essays by: Rebecca Solnit, Katherine Petrin, Melinda Stone, Eddie Muller, Liz Keim, D. Scot Miller, Gary Meyer with Laura Horak, Elisabeth Houseman with Joshua Grannell, Sergio de la Mora, Chi-hui Yang, and Sam Sharkey.

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The book is available for purchase at online used book shops.