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Dada World Fair

Dada Seance by Poly MorphousDada Seance, by Poly Morphous

What can I say? This is not to be missed!
The DADA WORLD FAIR, Nov 1 - 13, 2016!

Hugo Ball

“Every word that is spoken and sung here (the Cabaret Voltaire) represents at least this one thing: that this humiliating age has not succeeded in winning our respect.”   Hugo Ball



tristan-tzara-07“To make a poem, take one newspaper, one pair of scissors, snip the words one by one and put them in a bag. Shake gently, draw them out at random, and copy them conscientiously… DADA est mort. DADA est idiot. Vive DADA! ”   Tristan Tzara




 “I would like to show the world today as an ant sees it and tomorrow as the moon sees it.”  Hannah Hoch




Andrei Codrescu

“With the sound of gusting wind in the branches of the language trees of Babel, the words gave way like leaves, and every reader glimpsed another reality hidden in the foilage.”
Andrei Codrescu, The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara & Lenin Play