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a continuum between the city, past and present, especially San Francisco and all its mysteries

Failed States

I am pleased to introduce all of you to a wonderful new literary journal produced in London by the artist Jamie Atherton. failed states: a journal of indeterminate geographies My friend Carrie Friese and I collaborated on a piece in the first issue! Click here for more info: A journal of indeterminate geographies

Sofa Dérive

It has been a little more than two weeks since I have left our apartment and I have six more weeks to go. I could leave. But that would entail getting off the sofa, still an ordeal, scooting down our three flights of stairs on my bottom, shuffling into the backseat of a car that […]

Food as Language

I was recently reminded of a time when the meaning of food, as a form of language, was made clear to me. I was traveling in Czechoslovakia, in 1991, just after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Czechoslovakia was still one country and its citizens had not been allowed to study English, but rather they […]


To keep up spirits, here are several of my favorite acts of resistance so far, some hopefully effective, some hilarious. This catastrophe may end up being what we needed to wake up. At least now that we can see the problems more clearly, maybe we can fix them. —The Women’s March was supposedly the largest […]

Dada World Fair

Dada Seance, by Poly Morphous What can I say? This is not to be missed! The DADA WORLD FAIR, Nov 1 – 13, 2016! “Every word that is spoken and sung here (the Cabaret Voltaire) represents at least this one thing: that this humiliating age has not succeeded in winning our respect.”   Hugo Ball […]

Stookey’s Club Modern, Parts 1 and 2

Join me in raising a toast to Stookey’s Club Modern, a delightful 1930s art deco-style cocktail bar that opened in January 2015, by a dynamic trio of owners – husband and wife Tim Stookey and Leslie Cole Stookey and Leslie’s cousin Aaron Cole. Celebrating its first anniversary, the bar is at 895 Bush St. (at Taylor […]

Real Estate

Walking through the Mission District of San Francisco the other day, around 14th or 15th Street and South Van Ness and Folsom, a woman swept her front sidewalk. Her brown hair was in a stylish French twist; her pants were a bit ill-fitting so she had to continually pull them up; her focus was intent […]

Spring at the Palace of Fine Arts

On a warm spring day in San Francisco, we walked through the forest of the Presidio toward the Palace of Fine Arts, a relic from the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Until a couple years ago the Exploratorium made its home there but now that grand creative chaotic haven has been tamed and bound on a […]

December Story: Sacred Birthday Cake on the Subway

December is a month of birthdays, most notable, Frank Sinatra’s and Jesus Christ’s. To be more inclusive, December is the month of cool and death, that which gives us something to look forward to, another swing around the sun. Winter solstice is a moment marking the very beginning of longer days that bring more light […]

Light in New York: We are Children of Mark Rothko and James Turrell

Memories of New York in October run through my head, flashes of light fold time, origami stars. The darkness of the cemetery lies naked next to the candy-orange glow of the wind-up flats. Of course it would be the sun’s brightest glimmer that reveals the darkest depths of our eyes. Then we are there like […]